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Lay me down in sheets of linen...

You had a busy day today

5 October 1988
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My hair is very curly, and it reflects my crazy personality, but let's be honest-- it looks more attractive when it's straight. I'm in my first year of university studying (you guessed it) Arts. I'm quite static, but bohemian at heart. I'll agree with you to keep from arguing, and keep my own opinions to myself. I'm a compulsive hugger, of people and of trees. I've got a huge family, and plan to have one just as big someday. I don't really fit a stereotype any more, except the fact that I am a very nice girl. I'm proud of it. I love Rent, but have some qualms about the amount of rent I, myself am paying. I drink coffee and listen to music. I'm in love. I'm happy, and if you pause for a moment, I will tell you all about it.

Janis Joplin is one groovy singer love
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Johnny Depp is the ability to play any character Love
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John Lennon is my favorite beatle love
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Bob Dylan is my hero love
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Simon and garfunkel is love
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a&w, aerosmith, alanis morisette, almost famous, alvin and the chipmunks, amsterdam, amélie, art, beaches, beatles, beer, blind melon, blue rodeo, bob dylan, bob marley, boho, books, bright eyes, buffalo springfield, cameron crowe, cape breton, cat stevens, christina aguilera, classic rock, coldplay, creedence clearwater revival, daniel lioneye, david bowie, degrassi, dreams, elton john, eric clapton, euromission 2007, europe, family guy, fashion, fiction, finding neverland, fireworks, fleetwood mac, folk music, free love, french, gilmore girls, grace slick, grand funk railroad, grateful dead, green day, green tea, guitar, guns & roses, happiness, happy endings, harry chapin, having fun, hemp jewlery, idealism, incubus, jack johnson, james taylor, janis joplin, jefferson airplane, jewel, jewellery, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, john lennon, john mayer, johnny depp, jon stewart, kissing, kurt cobain, laughing, law & order, led zeppelin, long hair on boys, love, marijuana, mary-kate olsen, movies, muffins, music, my friends, nature, neil young, nightmare before christmas, nighttime walks, nirvana, norah jones, oasis, old music, pancakes, paul mccartney, peace, pearl jam, peter paul and mary, pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, popular culture, r.e.m., radiohead, rain, reading, red, red hot chili peppers, rent, rock music, roses, sarah mclachlan, sex, sex and the city, simon and garfunkel, sixties, star gazing, stevie nicks, sublime, summer, sun, tea, that 70s show, the band, the beach, the beatles, the doors, the oc, the rolling stones, the stars, the velvet underground, the who, the wonder years, thrift shops, thrift stores, tie-dye, trenton, u2, value village, van morrison, vanilla, velvet revolver, vh1, vintage, walking, weezer, white lilies, willow trees, willy mason, writing, zen